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Shift towards paperless billing and direct deposit will continue to alienate some low-income persons and seniors – can Canada’s new financial literacy leader be of help?

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“Financial Literacy leader focuses on seniors”, published July 6th, 2014 by The Toronto Star and written by Ellen Roseman addresses the many mounting challenges low-income seniors can look forward to in the next two years. As a snowballing  number of large companies move towards paperless billing and Revenue Canada moves to eliminate paper filing – an increasing number of seniors … Read more

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The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly’s Take on the Star’s Antipsychotic Drug Use in LTC Report

The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly’s Take on the Star’s Antipsychotic Drug Use in LTC Report

Editor’s Note: In April 2014, CARP Action online re-published a very important investigative report by the Toronto Star. The report exposed some shocking revelations about the rampant use of powerful antipsychotics in Ontario nursing homes. The Toronto Star’s investigation found that many seniors are being drugged and sedated with medications that are sometimes being used off-label and that have been … Read more

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RRIFs – Tips and Tricks, Separating Fact from Fiction


The Globe and Mail recently published a very helpful guide to mandatory RRIF withdrawals that separates fact from fiction.  It contains some very useful tips and a helpful breakdown of exactly how the mandatory withdrawals work with regards to taxation, you’ll also find that it contains information that will help you use the rules to full advantage.  Did you know … Read more

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Low Interest Rates, High RRIF Withdrawals: A Perfect Storm for Retirees


In the name of getting tax money out of us sooner, the Government of Canada continues to force retirees to outlive their savings – pushing the elderly, despite their savings and frugality, onto provincial welfare rolls and out of their homes if savings dry up completely.  A quick look at the the decline in fund balance and the increase in … Read more

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Canadian seniors better off but still want to work

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July 14th, 2014: CARP was interviewed for the July 14th, 2014 edition of the Globe and Mail.  The article says that even though the wealth of seniors has increased, many still need and want to work well into what would traditionally have been considered their retirement years.  Citing a Bank of Montreal study, senior economist Sal Guatieri said that today’s … Read more

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Customer Comments: CARP Member Writes MP to Call for Elimination of Mandatory RRIF Withdrawals

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Editor’s Note: Recently, a CARP member wrote to his MP describing the difficulties and financial inflexibility posed by forcing retirees to withdraw from savings regardless of need.   The letter echoes the concerns raised by CARP and many CARP members. Mandated withdrawals from Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) limit retirees’ ability to plan and manage savings for retirement. Many Canadians … Read more

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Key Findings – LGBT Seniors July 14, 2014: CARP members identify as LGBT at the same rate as the general populace 65 years and older, and are just as likely to know someone who is gay, but they are about half as likely to have a gay family member. On the other hand, they are more likely than the general … Read more

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Preventing and Reporting Elder Abuse

(For Financial Abuse and Fraud, click here: Protecting Your Rights & Preventing and Reporting Fraud) National: Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly National Clearinghouse on Family Violence (Public Health Agency of Canada) RCMP- Impacts and Signs of Elder Abuse Alberta: Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network Contains information, resources and tools about elder abuse … Read more

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Proud of our Progress

Proud of our Progress

Canada is among a handful of countries around the world to have legalized same-sex marriage. Many same-sex couples chose to make Canada their new home when we finally declared that people could marry who they loved. This week has seen massive celebrations as people from around the world descended on Toronto to celebrate WorldPride 2014. It is an extraordinary moment … Read more

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CARP Age Friendly Cities Poll Report

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Key Findings – Age-Friendly Environments June 27, 2014: The plurality of CARP members live in medium sized cities, and the vast majority find them age-friendly (although most just say “somewhat” age-friendly). Items that would improve the age-friendliness of their environments include housing, both accessible and affordable, more political inclusion and better transit. The minority has encountered barriers to social engagement … Read more

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