Press Release: Launch of Prestigious Business Awards

TORONTO – October 22, 2003 – CARP’s Best Employers Award for 50-Plus Canadians was launched by CARP, the leading advocacy association for Canadians 50 and older, and FGI, Canada’s premier employee and employer support services provider at a breakfast conference this week. The event, which took place at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Toronto, was attended by representatives of approximately 40 businesses and government agencies, many of whom are facing issues of an aging workforce.

This award will recognize the achievements of Canada’s most progressive organizations in key job areas for older employees, based on criteria of excellence in the areas of hiring, training, career development, health care, employee and family benefits, retirement policy, pensions, and pre- and post-retirement support systems. This is a unique awards program.

“Let me assure you that CARP takes this award very seriously and we believe that this initiative is a very important initiative at this unprecedented time in history where very soon one in four Canadians will be over the age of 65,” said Lillian Morgenthau, President and co-founder of CARP, in her address. “This demographic shift will have a profound impact on companies and society.” Mrs. Morgenthau invited Canadian companies “to join CARP and make this your issue too.”

“This award will showcase employers who are making a difference in their management of the aging workplace by demonstrating new policies or practices that can be shared with others for the betterment of all organization. I do not anticipate any organization will have all of the elements that we are examining but may have found the solutions for specific problems in their workplace. We welcome all applications,” said Barbara Jaworski, Award Project Coordinator.

Award winners will be announced at a ceremony planned for Spring 2004, and the summary of the awards along with a profile of the winning organizations will be featured in a special section of 50Plus magazine, CARP’s award-winning publication with one million readers across the country.

Applications for the award are available by contacting FGI or CARP at their offices, or on the website ( Organizations interested in participating or sponsoring the awards are encouraged to contact either CARP or FGI for full details of the program.

CARP, Canada’s Association for the Fifty-Plus, is a non-profit organization with 400,000 members across the country. It does not receive any government operating funding in order to maintain non-partisanship and independence. Since its inception in 1984, CARP has become an effective voice dealing with all levels of government. Its goal is to provide the 50-plus population with a strong voice about a host of financial, social, economic and political challenges – and information about relevant issues and services. CARP doesn’t just “carp” about issues. It always offers practical recommendations.

For more information, please contact:

Eric Vengroff
Vice-President, Marketing
CARP, Canada’s Association for the Fifty-Plus
416-363-8748 ext. 237
[email protected]

Barbara Jaworski
Project Coordinator
1-800263-4533 ext 2187
[email protected]