Are electric cars the way to go?

Q. Finally, how do you see the future of transportation? How, in your opinion, will new technology change the face of our cities?

A. I envision a new era of clean, quiet electric transportation supported by green energy sources such as solar, wind or tidal. But changing from fossil fuels to electric power won’t necessarily solve all of our problems. In the past, designing for speed helped foster urban sprawl and road congestion. The neighborhood electric car gives us an opportunity to rethink the need for unlimited speed. Slower speeds can encourage a more defined urban space where roads can be safely shared by a mix of different types of transportation. Besides clean air, I think that quiet streets will be one of the most welcome changes brought about by electric vehicles.

Ian Clifford is the founder and CEO of ZENN Motor Company, a Toronto-based manufacturer of fully electric cars. He resides in Toronto with his partner author Ruth Mandel and their two children.

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Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, ZENN Motor Company produces zero-emission transportation solutions for global markets, including its environmentally-friendly vehicle, The ZENN, which is sold through a network of retailers across the United States. Visit the company’s website at

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