Track your fitness online, the brainchild of four Harvard graduates, is geared almost entirely for weight loss, focusing on calories consumed and burned. Its interface is pretty friendly and the charts and graphs are very useful in identifying trends (let’s not talk about what the holidays did to mine!)

Traineo also has a unique spin – it takes the idea of supportive friends and family a step further, encouraging the user to select 4 “motivators,” who receive weekly reports about the user’s eating habits and weight loss or gain. This can be very useful for those who find announcing their goals to those they care about keeps them on track.

Walker Tracker
This is a single purpose, non-commercial site designed for those who use a pedometer to track their steps and set fitness goals.

Users record their steps, and can see their progress charted. The software also encourages users to keep a blog, or online journal, of their walks and days. What’s so great about all that? The community of like-minded people provides inspiration and support, and the friendly competition to be one of the top walkers can help kick one’s own drive to succeed into high gear. If this is your sport of choice, you’ll probably find this to be a good destination.

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