A chance to prevent needless blindness for tens of thousands of Canadians

Canadians who would like to participate in the Right to Sight campaign should visit www.righttosight.ca
to tell their government and CDR that everyone in Canada has the right to read, drive and see the faces of their loved ones. The website allows visitors to easily send a letter in support of the recommendation of Lucentis to appropriate government officials and Mike Tierney, Vice-President, Common Drug Review. Canadians can also call 1-800-563-CNIB for more information if they prefer to contact decision makers by mail or phone.

Further, CNIB has developed a group on the popular social networking site Facebook, called 10,000 Strong for the Right to Sight in Canada. The public is encouraged to join the group to get more information about AMD, post stories about their experiences with the disease and show support for the campaign.

CNIB is a nationwide, community-based, registered charity committed to public education, research and the vision health of all Canadians. CNIB provides the services and support necessary to enjoy a good quality of life while living with vision loss. For more information, click on the link below.