Seniors Expect and Deserve More

Independent Living

CARP applauds the $700 million to be spent on the Aging @ Home Strategy and the sentiment that seniors be able to live safely, with dignity and as independently as possible. But in a short sighted step, the Minister of Health is proposing to withdraw funding for compliance packs or pill packs – the weekly supply of prescription medication sorted and placed in blister packs by the pharmacists.

As a measure of recognition of their importance, compliance packs are widely used in long term care homes and the regulatory changes will not apply to their residents.

CARP believes that pill packs reduce the incidence of medication error and the potentially tragic consequences. In our response to the Ministry’s call for comment, we have stated that “continued funding of the dispensing fees for such services to Ontario seniors should be a vital part of Ontario’s Aging @ Home strategy. The benefit and protection afforded by this measure would far exceed the costs.”

Viewed as an entirety, the government’s priorities in serving seniors are commendable – it is in the implementation that CARP finds the need for improvement. The examples we raise are but a few of the many issues we will continue to advocate on behalf of all 50+ Canadians and especially seniors.

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