Will your party commit to removing Section 15 (1) (c) of the Canadian Human Rights Act?

Older Workers – Older Canadians Have Much to Offer in the Workplace

The government has a role in helping the country hang onto the knowledge and contributions of the older worker. Canadian employers are finally discovering they need to attract and retain older workers – several years behind Japan, Sweden and even the US. In December 2007, a federal Expert Panel on the Aging Worker recommended a comprehensive strategy that included training, anti-ageism in the workplace and phased retirement.

Will your party commit to implementing measures such as those recommended by the Expert Panel on Older Worker, including a strategy of anti-ageism, training and phased retirement in the workplace?

Canadians Deserve Better Health Care: Striving for Equitable National Access to Drugs and Services

When they signed the Accord on Health Care Renewal in 2003, the First Ministers agreed on principles, standards and on a plan to rejuvenate the health system. Five years and $70 billion in taxes later, the progress made is modest according to the Health Council of Canada which also pointed out that federal funding was transferred with no virtually no requirements for public reporting and almost no objectives or measurable outcomes.

There has been no progress on the National Pharmaceuticals Strategy promised in 2004. CARP recommends that the parties commit to providing equitable access to treatments and drugs across the country with national standards, identifying priority areas for public spending and demanding guarantees from the provinces in exchange for federal health dollars.

Will your party commit to moving on the Accord on Health Care Renewal by demanding wait-times guarantees from the provinces in exchange for federal health dollars, setting national standards and introducing a national pharmacare program?