Questions to Ask about Caregiving Assistance

o Is the care provider supervised? If yes, by whom?

o What about confidentiality?

o What types of records will be kept?

4. If overnight care is required, do I want to have someone move into my home or would I prefer to have my loved one move into a facility for a short period of time? These options may include:

o If eligible, the Ministry of Health, may be able to provide up to respite care in a long term care facility.

o Short stays are available at many retirement residences and daily costs and amount of personal care varies.

5. What is the cost of care?

o If eligible, your local CCAC may be able to provide a few hours per week of a personal support worker at no cost.

o For Personal Support Workers hired through an agency, the cost is anywhere from $18.00 per hour upwards. GST is added. There may be a minimum time requirement.

6. How do I ensure that they will get along?

o Interview more than one candidate

o Speak to other families they may have worked with

o Suggest a trial ‘ get to know one another’ afternoon.

7. What can I do to facilitate the process?
Provide the ‘new’ caregiver with personal information that will assist, such as:

o How would the older person like to be addressed; by their first name or by Mr.___ or Mrs _____?

o What does the care recipient likes to eat. What are their favorite or comfort foods.

o Do they have any food allergies or foods they don’t like

o Would they like the caregiver to eat with them

o Do they have a special seat at the table.

o How does the care recipient like their tea or coffee

o Identify activities that the older person enjoys doing so the caregiver knows this in advance.

o Whether the person likes to take a bath or shower and what is their preferred time.

o Clothes they are most comfortable wearing

o Areas where assistance is needed

o Their best time of day

o Their worst time of day

8. Where do I find a caregiver?

If hiring through an agency, there are several home care agencies in most communities. They are listed in the phone book and seniors directories. You can also speak to a Geriatric Car Manager about reputable agencies in the community. They can also assist with screening candidates to ensure a good match is made.

If hiring privately, a referral from a friend or family is usually the preferred route. Note however that if someone’s previous experience has been looking after children, it is not the same as caring for an older adult.

Also consider joining a support group for caregivers which can provide an excellent forum for discussion and individual support to assist you in this journey.