CARP urges reform of all four retirement pillars; 88% favor retroactive TFSA contributions

members invited to vote on Hamilton’s retroactive TFSA proposal

While the retroactive TFSA proposal described in this blog is not part of CARP’s formal pre-budget submission, CARP’s web site at contains a link to those stories and an invitation to “vote” on the proposal. In the August 7th edition of CARP Action Online, CARP ran an article entitled “Retroactive TFSA Idea Gaining Currency; Don’t Forget to Weigh in Using Our Poll!”

To “vote” on that or any other pre-budget ideas, click here. Once there, scroll down and to the right to the “Pre-budget consultation survey.” To see how the vote on this or other issues is progressing, click here. As I posted this, 88% of 3,102 votes are in favor of making the TFSA retroactive, including 32% that think it should become an election issue.

Conservatives, Harper leading CARP poll results

The earlier blog focused on the threat to “retire” politicians if they don’t respond to the baby boomer retirement crisis. So far, the CARP poll has the Conservatives way in front, with 44% viewing Stephen Harper as having CARP member interests most at heart.

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