International Day of Older Persons

On International Older Persons Day, CARP urges Canadians to take stock of the opportunities and challenges of an aging population

“There are approximately 4.6 million Canadians over the age of 65 or about 13% of the population. By 2031, this proportion will almost double to 25% and for the first time in our history, there will be more people over age 65 than children under age 17” according to Susan Eng, CARP VP of Advocacy.

This demographic shift will present new challenges as demand increases for social services and public infrastructure, and is why CARP has re-affirmed its commitment to advocating for social and political change that will deliver on the values that underpin CARP’s New Vision of Aging for Canada.

Citing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a precedent for Canadian espousal of these values, Ms. Eng stated that quality of life as we age depends on financial security, fair and equal access to high quality healthcare, social inclusion and personal well being.

This statement comes at a time where many older Canadians have seen their retirement savings decimated by this year’s economic turmoil. CARP has stressed the importance of initiating reform that would address retirement security for older persons today and for generations to come.

“Fortunately, this generation is also characterized by its high level of political engagement – 70% of older Canadians vote regularly. The opportunity exists, therefore, to both raise the issues that resonate with a growing proportion of the population and to make those issues a condition of our political support.” added Eng.

CARP is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization committed to advocating for a New Vision of Aging for Canada, social change that will bring financial security, equitable access to health care and freedom from discrimination. CARP seeks to ensure that the marketplace serves the needs and expectations of our generation and provides value-added benefits, products and services to our members. Through our network of chapters across Canada, CARP is dedicated to building a sense of community and shared values among our members in support of CARP’s mission.

A Message from the Office for Aging and Seniors, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

The General Assembly of the United Nations designated October 1st as International Day of Older Persons. This Day was observed for the first time throughout the world on October 1st, 1991. The theme for this year is “Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of Older Persons: Towards a Society for All Ages”.

To access a message from the United Nations Secretary General and for other related information, please go to

In the spirit of celebrating older people, we would like to highlight that a key aim of the Provincial Healthy Aging Policy Framework is to develop initiatives that promote the value and worth of people as they age. Examples of these types of initiatives include the Ageless public awareness campaign which is based on the fact that ambition, involvement and participation in society can be lifelong activities; and the Seniors of Distinction Awards, which recognize and celebrate the contributions, achievements and diversity of seniors throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. In addition to this, we feel that maintaining partnerships with the various seniors’ organizations and retiree groups around the province is an important component of working towards improved quality of life for older people.