CARP’s Annual Gathering of the Clan: Annual General Meeting Recap

An important item of business during the AGM session chaired by Susan Eng, was an amendment to the CARP by-laws, eliminating the age requirement to become a member of CARP.

Following lunch, there were reports from Susan Eng, Eric Vengroff and Ross Mayot. And Dr. Colin Powell of CARP’s Advisory Board made a brief presentation on the ongoing need to increase the number of Geriatric doctors and Gerontologists in Canada.

On Saturday morning Bill and Esther VanGorder made an excellent presentation and skit on Frauds and Scams. And Eric Vengroff made a presentation on his recent participation in the “Olympiad” in Italy, organized by 50 & Piu, Itay’s equivalent of CARP. The Olympiad is their annual get-together for health, fitness and fun with various games and events over three days. Perhaps CARP will have a delegation of Chapters participating in 50 & Piu’s Olympia next year.

Over to the Zoomer Show

That session concluded the morning and we bused everyone over to the Zoomer Show at the Direct Energy Centre. In its second year, the Zoomer Show has become Canada’s largest consumer and lifestyle show aimed at Zoomers, with over 250 exhibitors, including CARP’s Affinity partners, and 22,000 people attending the show. It was an exciting and stimulating environment in which to learn about the growing number of businesses and organizations serving CARP members and the Zoomer demographic. CARP had a cornerstone booth at the Show that was very popular where members could meet and talk to CARP staff, get their pictures on the cover of Zoomer magazine, win any number of prizes and sign up. Hundreds did just that.

All in all, a jam-packed four days intellectual, professional and social exchange, and further proof that CARP is The Leader in creating a New Vision of Aging for Canada.

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