Downtown Chapter – Get Involved

Toronto’s CARP members have been waiting for a local Chapter to materialize so they can get involved in the mission of CARP , contribute to the New Vision of Aging and get involved locally.

Judy Batay has stared a Chapter in Leaside, John Thornton is organizing the CARP Pink Chapter and we’ve got a Leslieville Chapter in the works right now.

The Downtown Chapter will be organized and administered by the CARP National offices, from H.Q. at Queen East and Victoria Street.

We’ll be in touch with members for whom we have email addresses and will update information, news and events on these pages.

Send me your information if you’d like to help out as a volunteer, or just be added to our email list.

And drop me a line about the kinds of events, activities that would be of interest to you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Anthony Quinn Manager, Community Development