CARP repeats call for federal Throne Speech to include pension reform

For the record, this year’s increase [announced in December] to OAS and GIS is exactly zero. And there has been no relief offered to the thousands marching on Parliament Hill demanding action to protect their pensions in a bankruptcy.

“At least the provincial Finance Ministers acknowledge that politicians cannot continue to play political games with people’s retirement security. If the federal government does not want to do anything to help, then it should say so and not try to wear people out with interminable delays. All the research is in and the public is fully aware that the status quo is not an option. The provincial Finance ministers realize that waiting until May to hear the same vague statements is not good enough – they are ready to start the process now. The federal government needs to make pension reform a priority and the Throne Speech is the right place to tell Canadians that they will act immediately to protect our retirement security”, added Eng.

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