Budget Watch: Countdown to Throne Speech

The Speech from the Throne is the speech the Governor General reads to outline the government’s agenda for the coming legislative session and this year it wil take place on March 3rd. The Budget, or more specifically the budget speech will take place March 4th the following day. In this speech, the Minister of Finance provides Parliament with a general overview of the government’s financial picture and its plans for the upcoming year. CARP will keep you updated on the events as they unfold. Look out for a special budget edition of the newsletter on Thursday March 4th with CARP’s analysis of the proposals.

Following the budget speech and the tabling of the Main Estimates, Parliament reviews the federal government’s budgets and holds a vote of confidence to determine whether or not they will support the government’s budget. We will keep you updated on the budget so following the next edition CARP Action Online you will have the chance to use CARP E-Voice to let your MPs know how you want them to vote and to let them know whether or not this budget is properly addressing the needs of a large cohort of very politically active and savvy voters.

Keywords: budget, pension reform, caregivers