Nova Scotia Finance Minister Graham Steele's Position on Pension Reform

April 2010: We reached out to a variety of politicians and invite them to inform our readers of their views on pension reform by drafting a position statement for publication. Here are the answers we received:

Following the Federal Provincial Territorial Finance Ministers meeting in Whitehorse on December 17-18, 2009, the Working Group on Retirement Income Adequacy were given additional responsibilities to focus on the development of options for the future in relation to retirement income adequacy.

Based on the research to date, Nova Scotia is encouraging a pan-Canadian approach to improving retirement income adequacy. This could possibly be achieved through a national supplementary defined contribution pension plan or private sector pension innovation or enhancements to the Canada Pension Plan and/or a combination of other possible options.

Nova Scotia is participating fully with our counterparts on the analysis of the potential options and plans to provide our stakeholders with an opportunity to provide their thoughts on this matter.

Graham Steele,
Nova Scotia Finance Minister

Keywords: pension reform