The Clarity Health Journal

The “tethered” version is what would be installed with a health region or a hospital. The power in this model is that the hospital can use it as a means of communication with the patient and their family. The patient and family can use it to enter other health care professional’s care as well. We are currently working with Sick Kids Hospital to have the CHJ installed as a pilot project for their cardiac patients. Pre-op and post-op instructions will be downloaded into the person’s CHJ, the patient can record the information that they are to be monitoring and give the cardiologist permission to see the information to help monitor the condition. Lab results and diagnostic imaging results will be downloaded directly into the patient’s CHJ. If the patient is on a special diet, the instructions can be downloaded by the hospital into the CJH. The patient can then record and monitor their progress on the CHJ and the physician can check in on their progress. This information will be web-based and therefore accessible around the world. In the case of emergency room visits you need quick access to your medical history, usually at the very time you are at the most frantic. The Clarity Health Journal gives you access to your information anytime and anywhere you need it.

More than just a written journal the electronic Clarity Health Journal links to trusted sources on the internet to provide relevant information on your conditions.

This form of electronic personal health application is the future of participatory healthcare. And it is now available so that you and your family can be prepared for the present and the future. Nan Brooks, LLB, MHSA VP Strategy of Consulting Cadre International Inc.

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