CARP Member goes Back to Work

I chuckled as I read “Retirees setting a great example: Retailers find retirees returning to workforce increasingly valuable” in the last issue of CARP Action Online. I’ve had a similar experience and am still enjoying the mental rewards. Following an earlier retirement from the RCAF in 1968, I had a second retirement from one of the ATCO Group of companies in 1992, at the age of 62, following a long career in telecommunications management. I did some freelance group facilitating for a short time however wanted something that would get me back outdoors.?Over the years I had maintained my Class One Commercial Chauffeur/Driver’s licence and Air Brake Endorsement necessary for highway hauling with big rigs.

Early in 1993 a small local trucking company, Kinetic Transport, took a chance on me and I’m still driving for them as I come up on 80 years of age. ?Most of our hauling is in support of the petroleum exploration and drilling industry here in northwestern Alberta and northeastern BC although I’ve made trips up the MacKenzie River winter road to near Norman Wells NT, all over Alberta and BC and as far north as Dawson City YT.?When I started with Kinetic Transport, there were only four trucks. The company, now on its third set of owners, has expanded to around 23 rigs of varying sizes, approximately 30 employees and is still growing. I enjoy the challenge of being able to drive anything in the fleet and -50C temperatures in wintertime don’t bother me at all.

The work keeps me fit, with pretty good reflexes, and you only have to look at my paycheques to know that I’m a valued part of the Kinetic Transport team.??On occasion I’m required to take time off for meetings in Ottawa and other parts of Canada on behalf of a non-profit organization; I’ve yet to be told there’s a problem with the time away from work. I’ve also suggested several times to the owners that I should quit and make room for another new driver to come on board. Obviously they’re not listening too well – I’m still on the payroll!??Life is great for this retiree!??CARP is a wonderful advocacy organization for those of us seniors who need assistance from time to time. I would never hesitate to support it!??

Regards,??Earle Smith
Grande Prairie AB

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