CARP Convention 2010: welcome to the Canadian Association of Re-energized Persons

From Thursday’s CARP Conference through Saturday’s Zoomer Show, I was really impressed. What interesting presenters. From Moses, David Stipp, the Gavrilovs, and William Reichman in the morning through to Elkorn Goldberg, Stanley Coren, Charles Pachter and Eric Peterson et al in the afternoon. I found every speaker interesting. I would not have selected some of the speakers and their topics if selecting from a list but, I came away educated, interested and entertained. Thursday was mind opening. The conversation breaks are a great idea. There were so many interesting people but so little time – Great experience!! The entire Conference, AGM and Zoomer Show has given my resolve a boost. I have more ideas and am more motivated to build this chapter than ever. Thanks! – Raymond Welch, Victoria Chapter Chair

As a first time attendee I was simply amazed at the quality, professionalism, generosity and friendliness of the entire 3 days and nights. Full marks of 99%…The appearance of The Ontario Minister of Finance, his announcement, and engagement in questions was a major highlight of the day. CARP is really making a difference… Keeping such a herd on schedule was well done and very efficient, kudos to the organizers and facilitators. A tremendous amount of information in one day, perhaps too much, the head was spinning by suppertime.– Murray Etherington, Mississauga Chapter Chair

i>Left side: Denise Kelly, Chair North Shore, Vancouver, Bob Geddes, Chair Peterborough chapter, Pearl Robotham Right side: Monika Deol, Gail Goldman, Bob Robotham

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