CARP is Proud to Support FICCDAT, June 5-8, 2011

2nd Advances in Neurorehabilitation Conference program will focus on the most contemporary approaches to neural repair, recovery and rehabilitation across a broad professional spectrum from biomedical and molecular therapies to the hi-tech employment of robotics and virtual reality.

Growing Older With A Disability Conference will share knowledge, create and enhance international recognition and collaborations across aging and disability networks, formulate action steps to improve the lives of older adults, persons with disabilities and their caregivers, and expand opportunities for full participation in society.

Caregiving in the 21st Century Conference will generate and mobilize new knowledge on the well-being of caregivers and the status of international aregiver policies and practices, and facilitate the formation of new partnerships ith the ultimate goal of improving caregivers’ lives


International Conference on Stairway Usability and Safety (ICSUS) Applying what we already know and establishing research needs plus priorities, this special working meeting will be held in the two days immediately following FICCDAT. Discussion will include survey, measurement and documentation techniques that should be used by professionals involved with prevention programs or post-fall litigation issues. Attendance requires payment of a small additional registration fee.

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