What's happening to Pension Reform? Ask your Finance Minister!

Theres a strange silence in the run up to the Finance Ministers meeting in Kanansakis later this month not unlike their slipping into Whitehorse just before Christmas last year perhaps hoping we couldnt find them!

Granted they have to tackle health care funding too but what about their much ballyhooed announcements after their PEI meeting this June? Have we seen any change? Modest CPP enhancements? um no. And according to Albertas Ted Morton, Hell no!

Let the private sector innovate they said. Industry has offered new and improved multi-employer plans – provided government obligates employers to offer some pension plan thereby driving billions of dollars of business into the private sector with no public option. So whats the track record of private MEPPs? Check out yesterdays papers

CARP members have said again and again that we have to get started on improving retirement security not for themselves, theyre mostly already retired but for other Canadians who – the experts finally agree are not saving enough and need a better savings vehicle to save for their own retirement.

A simple message that doesnt seem to be getting through. So, nows the time to ask your Finance Minister or all the Finance Ministers when, not if, are you planning to take the first step in pension reform.

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Ministers of Finance

AB- Hon. Ted Morton, Minister of Finance [email protected]
BC- Hon. Colin Hansen, Minister of Finance [email protected]
MB- Hon. Rosann Wowchuk, Minister of Finance [email protected]
NB- Hon. Blaine Higgs, Minister of Finance [email protected]
NL- Hon. Tom Marshall, Minister of Finance [email protected]
NS- Hon. Graham Steele, Minister of Finance [email protected]
NT- Hon. Michael J. Miltenberger, Minister of Finance [email protected]
ON- Hon. Dwight Duncan, Minister of Finance Dd[email protected]
PEI- Hon. Wesley J. Sheridan, Ministry of the Provincial Treasurey [email protected]
QC- Hon. Raymond Bachand, Minster of Finance, Ministre des Finances [email protected]
SK- Hon. Hon. Ken Krawetz, Minister of Finance [email protected]
YK- Hon. Dennis Fentie, Minister of Finance [email protected]

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