We are here to serve our local community, all CARP members and interested parties by supporting the ABC motto of CARP, namely: Advocacy, Benefits and Community!

Our vision is to create a dynamic, useful, vibrant chapter that looks after the specific needs of our local community while leveraging the advantages that CARP overall brings. In unity we have strength. The more members we have, the bigger the voice and the bigger the clout, whether it is talking to politicians or arranging for travel insurance! We also want to have fun in the process – getting to know our own community and the other communities that make up the fabric of our great nation. This is a journey that we would like you to make with us. Thus, we invite you to join CARP and volunteer your talents and some of your time serving the community and yourselves in the bargain. Becoming a CARP member is not expensive, less than a meal at a good restaurant. See what you get for your money – a classy magazine that promotes your well being in many interesting ways, exclusive membership and access to a wide range of services ranging from discounted travel, insurance, car rentals, community website and forum, to name but a few. But above all, it gives you a chance to network and meet with like-minded people in your local chapter. As we are just starting this chapter, we are looking for CARP members who want to be involved at the Chapter board level or on committees supporting this worthwhile venture. Remember we are in this together, one for all and all for one! So please email us at [email protected] if you are interested. We will be formally launching a 2011 Chapter meeting in January so please keep checking this web page from time to time as we will be announcing the venue and date! Here is looking forward to 2011 and working with you! Steve Campbell – Chair Randy Filinski – Co-Chair A New Vision of Aging for Canada