CARP Welcomes Progress on Pension Reform – Need clear protections for investors in private-only option

Finally, the proposals must be viewed as recognition of the urgent need to start the pension reform process. Indeed, CARP members also signalled their impatience with the current pace of reform:

Two thirds of members (67%) say Canada’s pension system needs reform “extremely” or “very” urgently.

When asked what actions politicians should take on pension reform, the following list emerges:

Govt. should move forward on pension reform 40% Govt. should work with provinces on pension reform 27% Politicians should fulfill promises now or resign 24% Govt. should meet/consult more on pension reform 3% Govt. should call an election on pension reform 2% PENSION REFORM NOT NECESSARY 3%

More than half of members say they would vote the government out of office in the next federal election (55%) if serious action on pension reform is not taken now, and close to two thirds say this of their provincial governments (61%).

One half of members (50%) explicitly agree that “the time for consultation is long past, action is needed now”.

More than 1100 CARP ActionOnline readers responded to this poll. The margin of error for a sample this size is plus or minus 3.0%, 19 times out of 20.For the full poll:

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