The Year of Provincial Elections

There has been lots of talk about pension reform but little to show for it. The whole project needs to be broken down into doorstep questions – like agreeing to CPP expansion or supporting the creation of a publicly run pension fund rather than a private sector one.

Another idea that is growing in political currency is healthcare navigation. Increasingly, Canadians want to know how to get the right care at the right time. Navigating through the various loosely related health systems is a daunting task, made all the more difficult when a health crisis strikes unexpectedly. As a result, expect governments to promise health navigators, which would help Canadians piece together personally relevant health services.

Certainly the are other issues that will emerge as the elections draw closer, but most Canadians, and older Canadians in particular, will look to government to reduce the basic cost-of-living burden and help make the healthcare system more navigable and relevant to the way Canadians want to live and age.

As the election season progresses, CARP will continue pressing governments on the issues that matter to older Canadians and will keep our members informed of emerging policy priorities and government promises. In the meantime, you should start thinking about what you will be demanding from the candidates who come to your door in exchange for your vote.

Provincial elections 2011

Northwest Territories – October 3, 2011
PEI – October 3, 2011
Manitoba – October 4, 2011
Ontario – October 6, 2011
Saskatchewan – November 7, 2011
Newfoundland – October 11, 2011

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