Age Is Not A Disability

The role of the Geriatric Care Manager is to work with the aging individuals, their families and any medical specialists involved, to identify areas of need and to locate appropriate local resources to address the concerns.

Bringing in services such as personal support workers, foot care specialists, or healthy meals to the home may assist in keeping someone at home for a longer period of time and even reduce the need for an alternate living placement. Linking the caregiver to appropriate community resources or exploring appropriate day programs for an individual may assist in improving quality of life for the family as well as the individual.

This is where the Geriatric Care Manager comes in. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of the needs of the elderly person, and the rehabilitation services that are available. An advisor and facilitator, the Geriatric Care Manager can access and co-ordinate all the services required to keep an elderly person functioning at a safe, optimal level.

Audrey Miller is Managing Director of Elder Caring Inc. She can be reached at 1 866 473 8887 or at [email protected] or visit

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