CARP’s President, Moses Znaimer to appear on Scotiabank’s Let the Saving Begin Live Online

Scotiabanks Let the Saving Begin will be live on Facebook Tuesday, 1 February 2011 at noon Eastern Time. Join the conversation by visiting

Valerie Pringle hosts a live discussion on Facebook with an influential panel of experts to talk about retirement and investing. The panel includes:

Bev Moir: ScotiaMcLeod Senior Wealth Advisor and retirement expert who will co-host the discussion alongside Ms. Pringle and share insights on what Scotiabank is hearing from Canadians about investing.

Richard Florida Mr. Florida will draw from the message in his latest book The Great Reset about life made better not by ownership of real estate, appliances, cars, and all manner of material goods, but of greater flexibility and lower levels of debt, of more time with family and friends, greater promise of personal development, and access to more and better experiences.

Moses Znaimer: A media pioneer and creator of Citytv and MuchMusic, it is Moses’ role as President of CARP and Founder of ZoomerMedia Limited, a media company devoted to the 45plus, that is of particular interest to this discussion. He asks, “What is “old” anyway, these days? When does it begin? How should society understand and respond to the deep changes at hand given that we are all, generally speaking, living longer and better?” In Canada, this discussion is led, with increasing vigor, by CARPs Advocacy.

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