Licence taken from B.C. senior deemed fit to drive Driver’s complaint upheld by College of Physicians and Surgeons

“He didn’t really get any therapy. They just kind of shooed him into doing this test,” Ogilvie said.

Minister to look into case

The minister responsible, Rich Coleman, told CBC News he has no problem with the DriveABLE program. However, he said, he is willing to look at Dent’s case.

“There is an [OSMV] appeal process and they can actually cc the letter to the minister and we will always check with the superintendent,” Coleman said.

Ogilvie said Dent has exhausted every avenue of appeal presented to him.

Dent says he hopes by going public – and given the criticism by the college of the doctor who had his licence revoked – he will get the government’s attention.

“I feel like a better citizen when I have my rights and I am treated equally and fairly,” Dent said. “And I feel better when I have a job.”

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