CARP Poll™: Conservatives Losing Core CARP Voters –Cite Government Contempt for Parliament

Given the historic 10-point preference among our sample for the Conservatives, a tie or slight lead for the Liberals means a significant reversal and a Liberal lead in the population overall.

The CARP Poll™ can be considered an “efficient” poll because it happens to comprise virtually only voters over age 55 reported by Elections Canada to be the most committed voters – 70% of older voters vote regularly. As such, respondents to the CARP Poll™ can be considered a bellwether group and reliably predictive of electoral trends and outcomes. The trend lines in the graph reflect the trends shown in national polls of the past couple of years.

The CARP Poll™ may be found at: You can check survey answers by scrolling down and hitting “see results”

More than 2,000 CARP ActionOnline readers responded to the poll March 12 and 13. The margin of error for a sample this size is plus or minus 2.2%.

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