Calling Frontier College Alumni

Frontier College is interested in re-connecting

Frontier College, Canada’s oldest literacy and adult-education institution is interested hearing from CARP members who may have had a connection with Frontier College as a tutor or supporter in the past.

Those interested are invited to contact Phillip Fernandez (coordinates below).

Phillip is keen to hear about your experiences with Frontier College, any role you may have played, where and when, and to re-connect you to the mission of our organization in today’s context.

Anthony Quinn and I are both former Frontier college Tutors and know it to be a very worthy educational institution.


Ross Mayot VP, Community Development


Philip Fernandez
Manager – Alumni Relations
Frontier College
35 Jackes Ave.
Toronto ON
M4T 1E2
[email protected]
cell (416) 570-3377
1-800-5455-6523 ext. 316