CARP Nova Scotia gets Results Stands up for Seniors Access to Prescription Drugs

June 24th 2011: Great news from CARP Nova Scotia! Chapter Chair Bill Van Gorder has inside information that leads us to believe an agreement may be in the wind. Once again, CARP had been instrumental in maintaining the Low Cost Drugs policy and in protecting the interest of seniors in the Province.

Early in the spring of 2010, CARP developed a comprehensive policy response on generic drug pricing in response to the reforms initiated by the Ontario Government. Despite the fact that the debate became heated at times and that CARP became the target of industry attacks – CARP stood by its initial position.
CARP supported and continues to support government proposals to eliminate professional allowances and regulate generic drug prices because they are expected to:

1. reduce the cost of generic drugs for everyone including seniors whose drugs are covered under the Ontario and other Provincial and Territorial Drug Benefits Plan
2. expand professional services from pharmacists which will now be covered by the Province
3. increase the drugs that will be listed in the formulary

To view CARP’s policy submission and full submission package on this issue, please click here

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