CARP Nova Scotia: seniors used as pawns in drug pricing dispute

Government moving too fast: opposition

Health Minister Maureen MacDonald has said her department is trying to resolve a dispute over drug pricing before July 1. She said she has heard some customers have been told they won’t be able to fill prescriptions with a Pharmacare card.

“That’s where my focus is,” she said.

“I am concerned and disappointed that any people in the province, particularly vulnerable people, are being given this kind of information.”
Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie said the government is moving too fast.

“Once again, the NDP have pushed through extreme regulations without considering the consequences of their actions,” he said in a statement.

“NDP policies are putting Pharmacare clients at risk, costing jobs and threatening the future of small, independent pharmacies. Individuals who need prescriptions filled will pay the price for the NDP’s mishandling of the pharmacy tariff negotiations.”

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