Helping Seniors Live Active, Independent Lives

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GEORGETOWN, ON, Sept. 21, 2011

Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit Helps With Cost Of Chair Lifts, Hand Rails For Seniors, Creating Jobs For Small Business

GEORGETOWN, ON,Sept. 21, 2011 /CNW/ – Ontario Liberals are helping seniors who choose to remain in their homes by helping with the cost of renovations that make it safer and easier to live independently.

“Our parents and grandparents not only raised each of us, they built the hospitals, schools, roads and businesses that are helping us, today, to raise families of our own,” said Premier McGuinty. “Helping our seniors enjoy a better quality of life is not just the right thing to do — it’s the smart thing to do because it makes it easier for them to remain active, engaged and contributing to our province.”

The credit — which is worth 15 per cent of up to$10,000 in renovations per year — can be claimed by seniors for their own home or by a family member who is providing a home for an elderly relative. The credit covers changes that allow seniors to continue living independently, and would create jobs for local small businesses in the renovation sector.

“Policies such as the Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit, a property tax deferral program and job-protected leave for caregivers will make it easier for seniors to remain at home,”Susan Eng – Vice President, Advocacy, CARP.

The Hudak PCs have no plan for improving home care — and they have$14 billion in unfunded giveaways and tax cuts that would mean deep cuts to hospitals and schools. The Horwath NDP have no practical plan to improve home care, pledging only to conduct a “comprehensive review” — not take action.

“When seniors have trouble getting around or with daily tasks, improvements around the house — both large and small — can make an enormous improvement in their quality of life and help keep them connected to friends, family and their community,” said McGuinty.

Only Ontario Liberals have a plan for ensuring that today’s seniors — and the coming generation of baby-boomer seniors — will be the healthiest and most-engaged seniors in Ontario’s history.

“By helping seniors remain in their own home we’re helping elderly people today and we’re taking steps to deal with the aging of our population that’s going to happen in the future,” said Premier McGuinty. “It’s important that we begin preparing now so that we can ensure the baby- boom generation are the healthiest, most active and most engaged generation of seniors in our history,” said Premier McGuinty.

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