Message from Saskatchewan Liberal Party Leader Ryan Bater

Every family at some point is touched by the need to take care of a loved one battling illness. We owe our seniors and elders dignity and quality of life, yet have a long-term care system that is bursting at the seams. Many seniors and elders would choose to live at home or with family members if medically possible, but this can present a serious financial burden for those caregivers. In a compassionate society that believes in the dignity of the individual, it is wrong to
leave families to shoulder this responsibility on their own.

To ensure that Saskatchewan residents can live in dignity as they age, the Saskatchewan Liberal Party will fight for a Senior and Elder Caregiver Benefit to
support lower and middle-income caregivers who are taking care of an aging family member. This Senior and Elder Caregiver Benefit would:

• Provide individuals with a tax-free monthly payment worth up to $2,000 per year

• Be available to all caregivers with family incomes under $100,000 who are taking care of a family

member 65 years of age or older

• Require a medical certificate affirming that the ill family member needs a significant amount of personal care and assistance with daily tasks in order to qualify for the benefit