Great Turnout for CARP Okanagan AGM on March 5, 2012

Thank you to everyone that came and a big welcome to the new CARP members that joined that night.

CARP Okanagan members met at the Bohemian Cafe for the AGM! Photo credit: Raja Wariach

We had the pleasure of welcoming 50+ guests consisting of CARP members and interested local residents. Roy Sommerey, LLB, a partner in Doak Shirreff, donated his time to help conduct the meeting.

CARP VP Ross Mayor speaks at the 2012 AGM. Photo credit: Raja Wariach

The meeting featured CARP VP Ross Mayot updating us on CARP themes and priorities. Board member, Mary Ann Murphy provided an overview of the newly released part II: BC Ombudspersons’ Investigation into Seniors’ Care.

Some of the newly elected CARP Okanagan Board 2012 Photo credit: Raja Wariach

Interested to read more about the second part of the BC Ombudsperson’s 3 year investigation into seniors’ care? Click here for the link to the home page of the BC Ombudsperson, Kim Carter and click on the small report cover on the right hand of their home page under “News and Highlights.” The 400 page report- released February 14, 2012 is titled “Best of Care: Getting it Right for Seniors in BC (Part II).” The report contains 176 recommendations.