Ask the Doctor Anthology: Dr. Mailis-Gagnon’s Columns

April 20th 2012: By now, faithful CARP Action Online reader will be well acquainted with our resident pain expert: Dr. Angela Mailis Gagnon.  She is the Director of the Comprehensive Pain Program and a Senior Investigator at Toronto Western Hospital’s Krembil Neuroscience Centre as well as the Chair of ACTION Ontario.

ACTION Ontario works on behalf of those suffering from neuropathic pain.  They advocate for a Province Wide and National Pain Strategy to help those in need.  Find out more at:

Aside from being an incredibly busy and devoted doctor as well as advocate for her patients, she is also offers a treasury of fascinating insights.  She is the co-author of “Beyond Pain” and has authored several academic, professional and clinical publications as well.

Dr. Mailis Gagnon has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and also loves to ride her Harley Davidson Motorcycle.  You can find out more about her by visiting her website:

In this issue of CARP Action Online, we are publishing her 50th paper.  CARP has had the privilege of working with Dr. Mailis-Gagnon since 2009.  In honour of her public service and in recognition of our fruitful collaboration, we are happy to present readers will an anthology of our “Ask the Doctor” feature.  It contains all of the good Doctor’s articles.

We begin by listing the first article she ever wrote for CARP Action Online and work our way down the list until we reach the latest column, “Pain, Your Car and Your Wallet”. Click any of the links below to read the articles.

We hope you enjoy the series and have the opportunity to catch up on any features you may have missed.


Anthology of Dr. Angela Mailis-Gagnon’s Writings for CARP Action Online:

A primer on Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic Pain treatments

Neuropathic pain treatments: Medicines other than conventional drugs

Neuropathic pain: Physical and psychological treatments

Invasive treatments for neuropathic pain

Dr Mailis-Gagnon Answers your questions on Neuropathic Pain

Chronic Pain: The Elephant in the room that no one wants to see

Comprehensive Chronic Pain Care: The pioneers, the movers and the ones left behind

Neuropathic Pain: Call to Action!

Understanding Fibromyalgia, Part I


Ask the Doctor: How Men and Women Experience Pain Differently

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome in Men – Part I

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome in men, PART II

Blocking Pain, Part I

BLOCKING PAIN, Part II: The mystery of walking on fire

BLOCKING PAIN, Part III: Piercing the flesh

BLOCKING PAIN, Part IV: Putting the mind “to sleep”

BLOCKING PAIN. Part V. The power of placebo

BLOCKING PAIN, Part VI. Riding with the wind

I Can’t Talk but I can Feel

The Long Winding Road To Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

The Opioid Public Health Crisis in Ontario

Too Many People Hurt

The Hurt in Numbers

History In the Making

Pain of the Heart

A Most Common Affliction: Lower Back Pain (Part 1)


A Most Common Affliction: LOWER BACK PAIN AND SURGERY (part III)

Understanding why people feel pain differently: Disease versus Illness

Chronic pain, mind and emotions

Pain, psychology and culture: How our ethnic origin and culture affect perception and expression of pain

Women and pelvic pain: A big pain problem below the waist

Dr. Mailis Goes to Greece with the PM

Ask the Doctor: Pain is everywhere I go

Ask the Doctor: Old, tough and in chronic pain

Ask the Doctor: A Ghost Arm

Ask the Doctor: The virus that can change your life for ever

Taking charge of your life: Living well with Chronic Pain

Ask the Doctor: Doors are closing on pain sufferers

Back to Opioids: the dual tragedy continues – PART I

Back to Opioids. The dual tragedy continues. PART II

Ask the Doctor: The 5 crises in Pain Management

Ask the Doctor: A lost battle in our War on Pain

Ask the Doctor: Pain, your car and your wallet: What do they have in common