CARP Aging At Home Report

Key Findings

July 3, 2012: One quarter of members use home care, or have someone in their family or who they know who does. While members in general are not very satisfied with the quality of home care in their provinces (about one third satisfied), those who actually use home care services are more satisfied (about one half satisfied).

Most care received is assisted living, light housekeeping, companionship, dressing and hygiene. Few receive actual medical care. Suggestions for provincial improvements to home care include more assisted living funding, more coordination between home care and medical care and more nurse practitioner visits.

Majorities agree Canada can set a goal of building no more nursing homes, as well as believing major illnesses can be treated/cared for in the home. Members expect to receive both initial assessments for home care and the initial care visit within jusy less than a week. The plurality of members expect to be able to receive home care if needed in their provinces, but about one fifth do not, and many do not know if thay can.

Members agree CARP polling accurately reflects their views and that it is CARP’s duty to convey these views to those in power. Three quarters approve of CARP’s strategy with respect to OAS.

There is little awareness of Seniors’ Month and it is seen to be of little use. There is also little awareness of Elder Abuse Awareness Month, but it is seen to be more useful.

While very few members report suffering elder abuse, as many as a fifth have a family member or someone they know who has. In most cases, the abuse wasn’t reported.

While the Conservatives lead in member voter preference, their stock is down recently, and the NDP is firmly in second place.

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