CARP #49 General Meeting of April 11, 2013

Nearly 60 members and prospective members attended our 1st of 4, General Meetings of our CARP #49 Chatham-Kent Chapter on Apr 11, 2013. Hosted at St. Andrew’s Residence in Chatham, we enjoyed an informative presentation from McLennan Insurance Group (Windsor) who enlighted the group on the benefits for CARP Members. We additionally had presentations by Vellinga Travel and Cruise Holidays and YARKWORKZ, both well received presentations. Information booths were available throughout the 2 hour meetings and sponsors for these booths included McLennan Insurance, Bowman Funeral Homes, Vellinga Travel and Cruise Holidays and Yarkworkz. We appreciate the genosity of our sponsors and our host St. Andrews that make this a very enjoyable and information filled meeting. Our next General Meeting is 6:30onm June 13th with location to be determined. If you would like to talk to CARP #49 about sponsorship and infomation booth opportunities, you are encouraged to email us at [email protected].

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Susan’s Welcome and Opening Comments:  

McLennan Group Presentation:

Vellinga Travel and Cruise Holiday Presentation: