Together we can do it!

We have recently discussed the need to revitalize our Peterborough CARP chapter. Before our first meeting which will be held at Applewood Retirement Residence, 1500 Lansdowne Street West, on Thursday, 19th September at 7:30 PM, we need to consider our role in the national organization of CARP.

 We have an important role in the affairs of our own community but we need to understand what our national organization is trying to do for all of the people in our demographic group from coast to coast and at all levels of government which generally ignore us and hope that we just snooze in our rocking chairs.

 Elsewhere on this website you can find the information below. It is being presented here so that you will have a stronger incentive to awaken Peterborough from its slumber. The ten reasons given for starting a chapter are just as valid for reactivating a chapter

Top Ten Reasons to Start a CARP Chapter

 1. Support CARP’s vision, advocacy and mission in your community

2. Give your community a voice on national issues

3. Become a leader and encourage community leadership

4. Interact with and meet individuals that are like minded and support the same cause

5. Help promote community outreach initiatives

6. Take part in exciting events

7. Educate your community on important issues and topics related to Canadian Zoomers

8. Support CARP’s “March to a Million” members campaign

9. Help make your community a better place for all

10.Most of all have fun and relish in being a Zoomer!”

Click HERE for more information. 

Do you want to get involved with the Chapter? We need a volunteer for position of Secretary. Can you help us in this regard? He or she would record what has happened at the meetings, report back to the members, and provide information to our chapter’s web communicator. That would be me until we find a more competent person to take on this job. You can contact me at [email protected] and I will try to get back to you very soon. If you would like to help out in any other role or if you would like to make suggestions about chapter activity, feel free to contact me.

 Are you a good motivator? Come out and help us “light the fire”. Peterborough groups have accomplished wonderful things in this city. We can do the same here and in the national organization.

 I will pass any comments along, if you wish, to our chapter Chair or you can contact him at the location which appears just below the mast head of this page.

Let’s put our chapter

on the CARP Map