ThirdQuarter Survey of CARP Members

career coaching for older workersThirdQuarter are a non-profit, online job service for Canadian men and women aged 45 years and over now in the ‘third quarter’ of their professional and working careers.

Established in 2010 through a collaboration of the chambers of commerce in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the Atlantic Provinces, ThirdQuarter is endorsed by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and has national scope and outreach.

ThirdQuarter uses a skills-based system that links applicants with the qualifications that businesses require for the diverse positions they need to fill. It is also a process that helps companies save both time and money; since they ultimately hire mature men and women who are more than just job-ready but  who make ideal mentors for other staff and new Canadians.  We also assist with your active job search.

ThirdQuarter is anxious to hear from CARP Members so that we can formulate our offerings in a customized and regionalized way and to be able to serve you better.  Your answers are confidential and you are under no obligation to provide personal information beyond what you are comfortable sharing.   As we roll out more of our programs across Canada, we would like to make sure that our outreach is relevant.  Thank you for your time and your feedback!

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