Greetings from Hon. Mario Sergio, MPP Minister Responsible for Seniors Affairs

Greetings Brampton CARP, Chapter 52:

As the Minister Responsible for Seniors Affairs and on behalf of Premier Kathleen Wynne, I am so pleased to provide you with an update on the Seniors Affairs file from Queen’s Park.

Seniors in Ontario have contributed so much to Ontario and continue to contribute to our quality of life. You nurture your families, comfort ailing friends, participate in places of worship, volunteer in community service organizations, and continue to share your wealth of experience with others.

The Government of Ontario is working hard to ensure the health and well-being and safety and security of our seniors. I want you to know that your government is listening to the concerns of Older Ontarians.

Through Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors, we are helping seniors stay active, healthy and connected to the community. It is important that Ontario prepares for a productive and active generation of seniors.

I am delighted that Premier Wynne and Ontario’s Minister of Finance recognize how much seniors contribute economically to our great province and the importance of keeping seniors active and engaged.  On November 7, Finance Minister, the Hon. Charles Sousa, delivered Ontario’s Fall Economic Statement in the legislature.  Among the many great initiatives that will keep Ontario’s economy moving, is the Seniors Community Grant Program. This grant would be Ontario’s first ever program solely dedicated to helping seniors improve their community participation, volunteerism, and educational opportunities. Details of the grant program will follow in the coming months to all your members.

In June, during Seniors Month, the Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat released the brand new edition of “A Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario.” It is an authoritative resource on the issues that matter most to our province’s aging population and the updated guide provides practical one-stop advice on active living, caregiving, finances, health and wellness, housing, long-term care, safety and transportation. Since Ontario is home to many seniors of many ethnicities, we released the Guide in 16 different languages.  Do not hesitate to contact your local Member of Provincial Parliament should you wish to order a guide.

This August at the Association of the Municipalities of Ontario conference, we launched the Age-Friendly Community Planning Guide.  An age-friendly community responds to both the opportunities and challenges of an aging population by creating physical and social environments that support independent and active living. We are consulting and working with stakeholders and municipalities to ensure that local communities are aware of the best practices and a grant program will be available in the coming months.

Our government is making Ontario the best place in Canada to grow older. Thank you, seniors, for all that you have done and continue to do, and thank you everyone who supports our seniors and helps to improve their quality of life.

Yours truly,

Hon. Mario Sergio, MPP

Minister Responsible for Seniors Affairs