CARP Chapter Chair: Enhance Canada pension plan


Congratulations for Barbara Yaffe’s support of long-overdue pension reform. At the Oct. 24 CARP (Canadian Association for Retired Persons) conference in Toronto, Wes Sheridan, finance minister of P.E.I, outlined his proposal for a modest increase in Canada pension plan (CPP) benefits

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1. No increase for those earning up to $25,000 a year.

2. An increase of 1.55 per cent for employees and employers, phased in over three years, to a maximum income of $101,000.

CARP feels this modest proposal will not disrupt our economic recovery and should be acted on immediately.

I urge the B.C. government to support this proposal when finance ministers vote on it in December.

Bruce Bird Chair, North Fraser Chapter CARP, Coquitlam


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