Special CCP Letter to Federal Govt.


November 13, 2013
The Honourable, Greg Slinger, M.L.A., Premier, Manitoba
The Honourable, Jennifer Howard, M.L.A., Minister of Finance, Manitoba
The Honourable, James Flaherty, M.P., Minister of Finance
Dear Premier and Ministers of Finance,
I am writing you on behalf of the Winnipeg East CARP Chapter urging you to act now on a modest enhancement to the Canada Pension Plan.
Our local chapter agrees with CARP members across Canada who overwhelmingly support CPP enhancement. We understand that increasing the CPP will not help current retirees, but we feel that it is just as important to give upcoming retirees and future generations of Canadians the best chance at preparing and saving for retirement – and we are convinced that CPP enhancement is the surest way of accomplishing that goal.
We are looking to you for leadership on this important issue. It has been three years since Canada’s finance ministers agreed that CPP enhancement was needed and a great deal of review has been conducted by your officials. The choice is now up to you to decide and declare if and when there will be a change to improve the CPP. We will hope that your deliberations at the upcoming meeting of Finance Ministers will result in action on CPP enhancement. We look forward to reporting back to our members that you have taken an important step to secure our retirement future.
Darlene Demkey, Chair
cc CARP National Office