November posting #3

New Horizons Program

CARP Peterborough Chapter #16 is committed to outreach services in the community as well as working for improvements in the quality of life for its members. We are proposing to make an application for a grant to our chapter under the New Horizons for Seniors Program.

“The New Horizons for Seniors Program provides grant and contribution funding for projects that are approved through calls for proposals and are aligned with the program’s five objectives:

  • Promoting Volunteerism
  • Mentoring
  • Elder Abuse Awareness
  • Social Participation
  • Capital Assistance”

Here is an opportunity for us to obtain funding for a worthwhile community program which might otherwise be beyond our ability to accomplish. We will not be asking you to make any financial donations. Instead we will be creating opportunities for you to participate in the outreach programs. Let us know what kind of projects for seniors you feel may be worthy of consideration by our CARP Chapter.

Safety in your home

The RCMP has made available a publication concerning the Safety of Seniors in our communities. It covers a wide range of issues such as safety when callers come knocking at your door, telephone “deals” and “prize” scams, elder abuse and many others. Be very careful about who you allow into your home. Generally if you did not invite them to visit they are out to get your money. Don’t let them in. If you are not already “in the market” for new windows, roofing, or driveway repairs, etc, why would you even consider somebody offering to do this when they call at your door just because they happen to be “working in your area”? Use local businesses instead. You are strongly urged to check it out on-line at It will cost you nothing but a few minutes of time invested in your personal safety.

When you come out to our meeting on Thursday evening please sign in at the door and make a note of your concerns and interests. Thank you