An Age Friendly Community for Brockville

Brockville is home to many people who care about every facet of our community making it a city where people love to grow up and grow old.  Our location, surrounded by unparalleled natural resources (One of Canada’s Top Ten Natural Resources) and history has provided us with privileges and opportunities that help define our lifestyles and our quality of life.

Being part of the World Health Organizations Age Friendly Communities initiative compliments the core values of our community and balances our numerous other initiatives including Safe Communities, Healthy Communities and Youth Friendly Communities.  As we prepare to meet the needs of a rapidly growing demographic of seniors, Brockville can be proud of the foundation we have to build upon.

An Age Friendly Community benefits all ages and abilities. We all have a role to play but it starts with a group of leaders who will share their talents and resources and lead the journey to enhance the quality of life in Brockville for all citizens.


Brockville Recorder & Times  December 2013  

Inside Brockville  February 2014

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