CARP Meets with Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra

Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra met with CARP on January 13, 2014, after much public and media outcry against the recently announced end of door-to-door mail delivery. CARP expressed concerns over the negative impact on individuals, especially those who have mobility challenges and would be put at a greater safety risk if they had to walk to a community mail box, particularly in bad weather. Although he has suggested extra mail box key for caregivers/family members as a suitable solution, CARP pointed out that such an idea would increase the risk for potential financial abuse by caregivers or family members. CARP emphasized that the door-to-door mail delivery is essential for many Canadians and can provide added value especially to home-bound individuals, to whom the letter carrier may be the only point of human contact for some days. In the US, there is a program called Carrier Alert that has letter carriers trained to be attuned to particular signs that indicate an accident or illness, monitoring the well-being of elderly and individuals with disabilities.

Mr. Chopra wrote a letter to CARP members regarding the decision (see below). Despite CARP’s concerns and suggestions, Mr. Chopra made it clear that the decision will not be reversed. However, there will be opportunities for public input before the implementation plans are rolled out. It is not clear what that will do except possibility delay implementation in particular regions. He was not receptive to reducing delivery to fewer days per week since he says small business wanted everyday delivery of their flyers.

CARP will continue to monitor the development of their implementation plan and if there will be a real opportunity for public input. In the meantime, those who will be greatly disadvantaged by this change should write to Mr. Chopra and the Minister of Transportation at the addresses below to state their concern.

Mr. Deepak Chopra
2701 Riverside Dr. Suite N1200
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0B1

Honourable Lisa Raitt
Minister of Transportation
330 Sparks Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0N5

Read Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra’s letter to CARP members.