CARP Edmonton 2013 AGM Minutes

In advance of the forthcoming AGM on May 2, 2014,  Minutes to the last AGM are presented here for review. Members may review them and submit comments and identify errors or omissions via e-mail to [email protected]


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Northern Alberta Pioneer Society Old Timers Cabin

9430 Scona Road, Edmonton AB


CARP Edmonton Chair Bernice Rempel called the meeting to order at 1:08 PM. After a brief word of welcome, Bernice asked CARP Director Fran Savage to chair the meeting.


Mick Rempel confirmed that more than 20 members were in attendance, therefore a quorum was established in accordance with CARP Edmonton bylaws.


Moved by Kevan Rhead,  Seconded by Shirley Strembisky that the minutes be adopted as presented. Motion carried


Bernice Cassady presented a review of the past years financial activities as per the information package provided.


It was moved by Treasurer Bud Whiteman, and seconded by Cynthia Lazarenko that the Financial Statement be approved as presented. Motion carried


Bernice Rempel, Chapter Chairperson reviewed her report as presented in the information package provided.


The following members were recognized for their exceptional service to the chapter.

Walter Zucht.  CARP Edmonton was saddened by Walters passing on February 20, 2013.  Walter was a founding member of CARP Edmonton Chapter and a long time Board Director.  He was passionate for Edmonton, and CARP was only one of the many community organizations he served so diligently.  He remained an active member of the CARP board right up to the time of his passing.  Walters unceasing dedication, his commitment, and his ever-present sense of humour will be sadly missed.

Richard Perry.  Richard resigned from the CARP Board in June 2012 to dedicate his time to other important community projects. Richard served as the CARP Director for Issues and Advocacy from 2009 to 2012.  During that time he led and coordinated CARP Edmontons research and response to issues relating to financial, health and social challenges faced by CARP members, families and friends.  Richard taught us all the importance of developing factual, concise messages to convey our concerns to government and the public.  We are happy that Richard and his wife, Catherine, continue to maintain their CARP membership, and follow and support CARP objectives.


The CARP Edmonton 2013 Nominating Committee of Tony Sneep, Bernice Cassady and Bernice Rempel was established in February 2013. Their role was to identify and recruit qualified, capable persons for nomination as candidates for positions as Chapter 13 Directors.

According to CARP Edmonton bylaws, The Board of Directors, not to exceed 12 Directors, will be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Directors will normally serve a two-year term with approximately half the Directors retiring each year to provide continuity of governance.

In accordance with CARP National bylaws, prospective board members shall be selected and vetted by the nominating committee.  To ensure there is no conflict of interest, only those prospective board members selected by the committee are presented to the membership for approval at the Annual General Meeting.


Continuing Directors

The following Directors terms are effective 2012 2014, and will be remaining on the board at least until term end.

Milton Rempel

Fran Savage

Bud Whiteman

Confirmation of Re-election of Directors

The following Directors Terms 2011 – 2013 are expiring, and have agreed to stand for re-election (2013 -2015):

Bernice Cassady,

Brian Hutchings.

Bernice Rempel

The following directors appointed to fill recently vacated Board positions 2013-2015 are presented for confirmation.

Morris Maduro

Tony Sneep

New Directors

The following persons are nominated to fill existing vacancies on the board for terms from 2013 2015.

Marta Sherk. Marta has been retired for almost five years after 32 years practicing law.  She is a busy, active, optimistic, organized person.  She currently sits on the Utilities Consumer Advocate Advisory Board, which deals with consumer issues relating to electric and gas issues.  That appointment takes several days a month, with the rest of my time spent traveling, dancing, spending time with grandchildren and family, and participating in many of Edmonton’s cultural activities.

Charlie Ponde. Charlie has been a CARP member since 1998. He is a Realtor who has served as past president of the Real Estate Board and is currently serving as a Governor of the Alberta Real Estate Foundation. The Foundation directs funds to charitable groups such as affordable housing and Habitat for Humanity. Charlie is interested in being useful, productive and making a difference.

Gwen Rutherford. Gwen is a retired federal civil servant who is active in several organizations who advocate for issues related to retirement and pension issues as well as issues related to health and families. She is an energetic person, interested in promoting positive aging. Children and family care are important to Gwen.

One Board vacancy remains to be filled. The Nominating committee will continue to seek further qualified candidates.

Being no further nominations to present to the membership, the candidates named above are acclaimed as Board members for CARP Edmonton Chapter.


Being no further business, the Chair declared the meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM

Guest Speaker Tommy Banks followed with a very interesting and well-received talk about the inner workings of the Canadian Senate, the problems faced with reforming it, and the importance of advocacy in getting our message through to government.