CARP Mississauga Summer BBQ

CARP Mississauga BBQ
Lisa Quick, Chartwell Regency in a Spanish mood.
CARP Mississauga BBQ
CARP Members enjoying a fun event with a Spanish theme

The CARP Mississauga Summer BBQ was a great success!! In line with the Spanish theme, Professional Spanish Learning gave a short Spanish lesson. Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique gave a presentation on Spanish speaking destinations. Perpetual Rhythms gave a Spanish themed dance lesson.

For the last CARP Monthly Meeting to be held at Chartwell Regency this rotation, Lisa Quick organized some delicious Spanish themed food including a wonderful guacamole and a fabulous dipping sauce/salad dressing with a bit of a kick to it! To top it off there was a great cake for dessert.

Door prizes, exhibitors and general socializing combined with wonderful weather made the event a great time for everyone.

Thanks again to Chartwell for hosting us for the last six months and especially for the CARP Mississauga Summer BBQ!

Can’t wait for next year!!

CARP Mississauga BBQ
Lola Stoker from Cruise Holidays | Luxury Travel Boutique
CARP Mississauga BBQ
CARP Members lining up for some fabulous Spanish food!