Letters from Lightstone: No Place Like Home

Marilyns Israel trip comes to an end and she shares her final thoughts with Moses and Evelyn.

Part 18:

Dear Moses,

Had you been with me as I strolled the ancient streets of Jaffa, I feel certain you would have encouraged me to go into Rachel Arbel’s shop, where all her jewellery designs incorporate bits of ancient Roman glass found during archaeological digs.

There’s a lot of this jewelry to be seen around the country, but nowhere else have I seen specimens as beautifully striking as Rachel’s.

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Part 19:

Dear Evelyn,

Why, you may ask, have I posted this picture of a container of liquid soap?

A fair enough question, but note the name. It’s a Life product, the house brand of our Canadian chain Shoppers Drug Mart.

Post 19 image

Sunny told me that each time she came to Canada she would load up on Life products, and that she was so delighted when they opened a chain in Israel. She wrote Mr. Koffler, its founder and a great Canadian philanthropist, to tell him so and he wrote her the most gracious letter in reply.

Today she told me the chain is also exceedingly generous in donating supplies toSave a Child’s Heartorganization.

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