“Community Lens” Series from Community Development Halton

Information posted July 28, 2014


The following is quoted from the Community Development Halton website.

Community Development Halton is a non profit agency in Halton Region committed to social development for all members of our community. Their website contains a lot of very interesting information about Halton.

For example their Community Lens publicationisa series intending to disseminate and interpret important community data as it becomes available. Two of the most recent are:

Community Lens # 97 – Seniors IncomeSourcesexamines data on the sources of income for seniors from the 2011 annual tax returns.

Community Lens #96 – Seniors and Daily Outings examines the daily travel characteristics of seniors in Halton Region using the data from the 2011 Transportation Tomorrow Survey.

For more information please click here to visitthe Community Development Haltonwebsite.