Advice for Care-Free Cruising

With the growing popularity of cruise vacations, more and more Canadians want to ensure a problem-free voyage.While cruise ships are among the safest forms of transportation, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada advises Canadians to take certain precautions to ensure their well-being during a cruise.

We encourage you to follow these tips before leaving Canada, to enjoy a care-free cruise.

General Advice:

• Check for any travel advisory for the point of embarkation or for any of designated ports of call; as well as for information on local laws and customs of the countries they will visit.

• Sign up for the Registration of Canadians Abroad service, so that the Government of Canada can contact and assist you in case of an emergency abroad or at home.

Did you know…?At sea, the laws of the country with jurisdiction over territorial waters prevail. In waters outside national boundaries, the international law of the sea applies.

Travel Health Advice:

• Purchase travel health insurance, including coverage for accidental injury and medical evacuation. Your provincial health plan may not cover any medical expenses abroad.

• Contact a travel medicine clinic well before departure for advice on immunizations and preventive medication as well as measures to avoid disease.

• Inquire before booking whether your needs will be met aboard the ship if you have a disability or are chronically ill.

• Bring sufficient medication for the cruise and an extra pair of eyeglasses in case of breakage or loss.

• Watch what you eat and drink, alert the cruise line in advance of any special dietary needs and insist on bottled water while ashore.

• Canadians should protect themselves from sun exposure by wearing sunscreen, UV-resistant clothing and a wide-brimmed hat, as the ocean’s surface reflects and intensifies the sun’s rays.

Did you know…? Travellers should make photocopies of their passport’s identification page before travelling and keep them separate from the originals.

Safety Advice:

• Stay safe by participating in lifeboat drills, ensuring there are enough life jackets in the cabins, and becoming familiar with evacuation procedures.

• Check the ship’s departure time before going ashore and minimize safety risks during shore excursions by booking through the cruise line or a reputable tour operator.

• Avoid becoming the target of an assault or robbery by staying aware of your surroundings at all times, never opening the cabin door to strangers and not allowing yourself to be isolated with someone you do not know or trust.

For further information, see our publication Advice for Cruise Travellers. Or contact us by telephone (1-800-267-6788 or 613-944-6788), TTY (1-800-394-3472 or 613-944-1310) or email ([email protected]).

This article wasprovided to CARP by the Consular Outreach and Partnerships Program of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada.