Dementia and Wandering, how technology can help us.


Here are some interesting articles regarding Dementia and wandering. It tells us about some different technology which can help us to be located if we wander. They tells us the pro’s and con’s of each item. It is a concern for family members who know someone who has Dementia and do wander as we do not want something to happen to them. I believe it to be useful information and hopefully you will also. If you are interested all you have to do is click on the highlighted “Click Here” and it will bring you to the article.

With this article there is an interesting recipe Clam Chowder with the weather cooling it will be a nice comforting and healthy soup (I left the mushrooms out).

Also, in these articles there is one called “Dormant Bank Accounts” it tells us what happens to the money if someone does not close their bank account and the account goes dormant (is not used for a number of years). It also tells us who gets this money, I thought it was interesting as I thought the bank would get it.

Again, if you are interested in any of these articles please just click on the highlighted “Click Here” and it will bring you to these interesting articles. “Click Here